KristoFOAM Industries Inc. is an industry leader in automotive foam packaging solutions. Our new press form moulding process, combined with high quality innovative raw materials, affords customers high-performing, cost-effective automotive foam packaging solutions such as automotive upholstery foam and automotive structural foam for cars of any size and age. Through highly evolved practices, our automotive foam packaging solutions, including the quality of your automotive structural foam, are based upon: extensive lessons learned and a commitment to advanced product quality planning processes

Automotive structural Foam, Automotive upholstery foam, Automotive foam packaging

This ensures that risk and feasibility are assessed prior to the development of any products ensuring successful program launches. We understand the impact it has on your bottom line, if the quality of automotive upholstery foam and automotive structural foam is compromised. So when it comes to your specifications and the manufacturing of automotive upholstery foam, KristoFOAM Industries Inc.takes extra measures to ensure you end up with exactly what you require.

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