Design Capabilities:

KristoFOAM Industries Inc. offers its customers black box design capabilities. Designs are created using CAD in Catia& UG format and if required, design from physical models can be accomplished as well. We provide our customers with any type of custom foam designs, including unique die cut foam packaging and die cut foam inserts. We utilize the best practices developed through extensive lessons learned. With rapid prototype capabilities and a hands-on approach to the product validation of custom foam products, die cut foam packaging,die cut foam inserts and project management, we make sure you end up with the best product.

Customers benefit from product testing capabilities that can determine acoustic insulation properties of materials and finished products as well as Impedance testing to determine the acoustical absorption and transmission loss characteristics of materials. Our unique die cut foam packaging, die cut foam inserts, and other foam products are tested on their performance and insulation properties in order to keep our quality top-notch and our customers satisfied.

Manufacturing Capabilities::

  • Traditional foam fabricating: splitting, band-saw, lamination, die cutting, water jet cutting
  • Specialized techniques for custom moulded foam products: Hybrid compression moulding, Press form moulding
  • Mature Manufacturing Best Practices
  • Metrics for measuring effectiveness of manufacturing
  • Commitment to the continual improvement of our custom foam packing products, processes and people


  • Full CAD capability � CATIA & UG
  • Mature Best Practices based on extensive lessons learned
  • Custom foam packing design based on your requirements

Prototype Validation::

  • Rapid prototype part capability
  • Acoustic testing � absorption and transmission loss
  • Moulded prototypes to validate performance
  • Rapid revisions to prototype tools to accommodate variation between math data and actual build conditions


  • Strong Project Management commitment
  • Complete foam moulding capabilities � Hybrid Compression moulding and Press Form technology available through our global network
  • Use of highest quality raw materials ensures product reliability and repeatability
  • Global Footprint providing design, product production and project management worldwide