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Get the Most Protection from Your Packaging with KristoFoam
Get the Most Protection from Your Packaging with KristoFoam
February 15, 2019

As demand increases from consumers who utilize online shopping channels, the corresponding packaging and transportation process must be just as seamless to ensure positive shopping experiences. Your business’s product should be just as immaculate as when it is first packaged – but too often is it the case that products get damaged in transportation.


Opting for foam inserts is a sure-fire way to maintain the protection and structural integrity of your products – especially if your product is more delicate or consists of more intricate and sensitive parts. Die cut foam packaging solutions are the answer to ensuring your products offer some visual appeal while still securing the display arrangement.



Today we’ll go through some of the benefits affiliated with opting for die cut foam packaging for your products:


Foam Packaging Secures Your Product by Not Leaving Empty Spaces


Inner packaging is just as important to outer packaging. Once you find an adequately sized box, it is imperative that your inner packaging secures your product by cushioning it snugly – leaving no empty spaces or room for your product to tumble up against during transport. Die cut foam packaging can be cut according to the dimensions of your product so that it fits perfectly every time.



Foam Packaging Maintains the Structural Integrity of More Delicate Products


Foam packaging is the perfect solution for more delicate items like electronics, glass, and ceramic products. If your item is of significant value, you’ll want to ensure its packaging measures up and is fully capable of maintaining the structural integrity of the product.  



Foam Packaging Solutions Allow for More Visual Appeal


Foam packaging solutions allow for more visual appeal than more conventional inner packaging options. Studies suggest that the unboxing process is capable of promoting product or brand affinity. Thoughtful and creative packaging solutions create more memorable experiences for customers.




KristoFoam offers over 25 years of experience in offering foam packaging solutions


Kristofoam has built a reputable name within the foam packaging industry, known for providing high-quality products, exceptional service, innovative solutions, and maintaining a higher level of commitment to customer satisfaction. Providing solutions for a range of industries including the automotive, electronics, industrial, construction, sporting goods and medical products, and military – KristoFoam carries a large range of materials and products suitable for your unique packaging needs.


Die cut foam packaging is a great way to ensure that your products are not susceptible to damage during transportation!
Posted by: Samantha | February 15, 2019, 9:59 am
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