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 How We Sustain Industries With Industrial Foam Insulation
How We Sustain Industries With Industrial Foam Insulation
March 05, 2019

Our company, kristoFOAM Industries, is one of Toronto’s most recognized foam packaging companies. We supply foam packaging to a range of industries, including the electronics, automotive, construction, and medical industries. In today’s blog, we’ll share our company’s history and the range of industries we serve.


Our Products


Industrial foam insulation products include foam padding, custom case inserts, tool organizers, and more. These products are used on construction sites, hospitals, and factories. Since our foam helps to transport lifesaving products to these sites, we make sure each item is engineered to the highest quality.


You can also choose from our list of durable and weatherproof foam packaging elements. We have XLPE, PE, Polyurethane, Reticulated, Anti-Static, Conductive, and Static-Dissipative foams. Our engineering and design department can also customize foam insulation and padding to meet any need.


Our History


Meeting the industries’ need for industrial foam insulation is not new to us. We have been producing foam packaging products for more than two decades. We serve not only for Ontario but industries across North America. Our years of experience guarantees that your products will be personally protected and secured by our professional staff.


In recent years, we have acquired new technology to improve our services. We have state-of-the-art equipment and perfected methods to meet world quality standards.


The Industries We Serve


Our products supply foam insulation to the following industries:


  • Automotive – From upholstery form to parts packaging, we have your vehicle covered.
  • Electronic – Our products can package parts or final products safely.
  • Industrial – Foam padding solutions for your materials and fabricating processes.
  • Construction – We are a mass distributor Zotefoams and Seal Air Corp. When it comes to construction operations, we are at your service.
  • Sporting Goods – In an industry that is growing constantly, we make sure to innovate with it.
  • Medical Products – We keep lifesaving medical equipment safe during transit.


Final Thoughts


KristoFOAM is an ISO certified company so everything that you will order from us is also certified, approved and will meet the highest quality standard for safety, durability, and reliability.  We are happy to help you choose a product that works for your business. If you are in need of foam packaging or insulation to secure your products for storage or delivery, simply give us a call. We are happy to help!


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