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Cushion Packaging : Electronic Foam Packaging

At kristoFOAM, we offer a wide selection of cushion packaging to suit your needs. From cushion packaging, sill gasket materials and all types of concrete preservation products, we have the products that right for you. Regardless of size, our packaging solutions are custom tailored for your project.

When you require quality cushion packaging for your products, we at kristoFOAM are happy to help you out!

For over 30 years, we have been distributing the quality cushion packaging. We’re capable of giving you efficient cushion packaging solutions in various materials including anti-static polyethylene (A/S PE), polyurethane (PU), polyethylene (PE), and many more types.

We also provide custom cushion packaging solutions that include gaskets and seals used to manage impact and vibration due to noise. We also manufacture molded components for clientele who have pack and load carriage systems!

Here are some benefits that our cushion packaging can provide you with:

  • Safety of Products – Your products will arrive undamaged and untarnished. There is no way that any difficult environment can destroy your products while they are in transit!
  • Environment-Friendly Nature – Our cushion packaging solutions are made from renewable sources and are made very easy to recycle!
  • Lightweight Nature – Our solutions are incredibly lightweight, therefore helps in maintaining shipping costs by keeping them low. This also makes such packaging minimize carbon emissions, thus leaving a positive global footprint!
  • Efficiency – This product eliminates any unnecessary additional fitments. It also keeps you from using loose fill!

When you work with us at kristoFOAM Industries, we’ll provide you with high-quality cushion packaging that can be made from a variety of different materials. From XLPE foam and anti-static foam, to polyurethane and polyethylene foam, we’re sure to have the cushion packaging solution perfect for your application. We utilize the safest procedures and technology for the production of all your custom foam products that you need for your business, so contact us today!

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