Archery Targets



kristoFOAM is proud to present Warthog Archery Targets – a high-quality foam archery target product line. If archery is your passion, then you are probably on a constant lookout for the best gear and accessories that allow you to enjoy your hobby at its highest level. Our selection of foam archery targets undergoes a rigorous manufacturing process to guarantee the highest product quality and customer satisfaction. It also caters to a wide range of uses – from school archery targets suitable for indoor use to individual archery target bags that are perfect for outdoor recreational and competitive applications.

School archery targets that kristoFOAM offers are designed for both lower-impact (such as junior archery school) and high-impact situations (such as club practice and tournaments). Our archery targets feature:

  • Weather-proof and long-lasting materials
  • Reversible targets
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Outstanding stopping power
  • Indoor and outdoor models

For individual use, archery target bags often require ease of maintenance and portability. Our selection includes lightweight, portable archery target bags that are ideal for hunting camps and recreational practice, and can withstand all types of bows, including high-speed X-bows. For more information on the variety we offer, please visit

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