kristoFOAM Industries is an industry leader in automotive foam parts and packaging solutions. Our new press form moulding process, combined with high-quality innovative raw materials, affords customers high-performing, cost-effective foam gaskets and seals.  With world class, state of the art facilities at its core, kristoFOAM is the supplier of choice for all of your Foam, moulded Foam and packaging requirements.

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This ensures that risk and feasibility are assessed prior to the development of any products ensuring successful program launches. We understand the impact it has on your bottom line, if the quality of automotive upholstery foam and automotive structural foam is compromised. So when it comes to your specifications and the manufacturing of automotive upholstery foam, kristoFOAM Industries Inc. takes extra measures to ensure you end up with exactly what you require.

(Noise, Vibration and Harshness)

At kristoFOAM we pride ourselves on the ability to solve NVH problems for our customers. Some issues can be resolved using moulded and die cut Foam parts. Other may require specialized materials such as non woven or impregnated materials.

NVH studies the noise(N), vibration(V) and harshness(H) of vehicles – both the interior and exterior impact of NVH is studied. The interior NVH of a vehicle is measured to determine the impact on vehicle occupants, exterior NVH is studied to ascertain the noise emitted by the vehicle.

Noise above a certain level in a car interior can distract the driver and negatively impact the experience of anyone traveling in the vehicle. There are three categories of noise emitted from a vehicle: mechanical, electrical and aerodynamic. Mechanical sounds come from the internal mechanical workings of the vehicle, or the contact the vehicle has with the road, electrical sounds can be caused by noise coming from electrical actuators and of course if you drive an electrical car you will most likely hear the engine, aerodynamic noises can be caused by outside wind or the vehicle’s HVAC fans.

When noise within the interior of a car or truck becomes problematic it can often be traced back to a vibration that is being diffused throughout numerous conduits in the vehicle. At kristoFOAM Industries we provide solutions to NVH problems – we are an industry leader in automotive moulded and die cut foam parts and packaging solutions. Our foam products can resolve or greatly reduce NVH issues in the vehicle. We supply solutions that can be used throughout the vehicle to eliminate NVH issues. Our moulded XLPE Foam products greatly dampen vibrations, block noise and can also prevent water ingress.

kristoFOAM Industries utilizing a hybrid compression and state of the art HPT moulding technology, and when combined with high-quality innovative raw materials we can provide our customers with highperforming, cost-effective solutions. With world class, state of the art facilities at its core, kristoFOAM is the supplier of choice for all your NVH reduction needs.

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