kristoFOAM Industries – Custom Foam Packaging

Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Traditional foam fabricating: splitting, band-saw, lamination, die cutting, water jet cutting
  • Specialized techniques for custom foam fabrication: Hybrid compression moulding, Press form moulding
  • Mature Manufacturing Best Practices
  • Metrics for measuring effectiveness of manufacturing
  • Commitment to the continual improvement of our custom foam fabrication and packing products, processes and people


  • Full CAD capability & CATIA & UG
  • Mature Best Practices based on extensive lessons learned
  • Custom foam packing design based on your requirements

Prototype Validation:

  • Rapid prototype part capability
  • Acoustic testing ½ absorption and transmission loss
  • Moulded prototype samples to validate performance
  • Rapid revisions to prototype tools to accommodate variation between math data and actual build conditions

kristoFOAM Industries is an industry leading, Black Box Supplier of custom moulded and fabricated parts to various industries. Designs can be created in CAD using both CATIA and UNIGRAPHICS or through physical models utilizing world class Best Practices based on extensive Lessons Learned. State of the art, cost effective rapid prototyping is available to facilitate effective product validation and testing. With a hands on approach to product design and product validation, kristoFOAM is an excellent choice for developing all of your foam requirements.


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