New Materials

kristoFOAM Industries has a cooperation agreement with Odenwald-Chemie of Germany and is proud to offer its customer base a wide range sealing systems made out of new and innovative materials.

Custom Foam : Polyurethane Sealing Systems KF-OC-PREN

KF-OC-PREN is a microcellular PU foam line, which is available with or without PSA and laminated films. The foams come in a wide range of densities and compressive strengths, and are typically delivered in strips, rolls or as die cut foam components. These products are typically used for HVAC seal applications.

Custom Foam : Impregnated Foam Systems KF-OC-FORM

KF-OC-FORM materials are polyurethane foams that also incorporate polyacrelate. These products are designed in a wide range of densities and compression strengths. This combination improves physical properties including flammability, resiliency, compression set resistance, water absorption and weather resistance. These products are commonly used in instrument panel seals and are perfect for industrial foam insulation applications.

Custom Foam : Heat Activated Foams OC-FORM 150 UL

OC-OC-FORM 150 UL is an excellent form of expanded foam packaging for sealing difficult environments that cannot utilize traditional sealing products. These compressed polyurethane foams are combined in a specialized process that allows them to be activated at temperatures greater than 180 degrees Celsius. When this happens, they can expand to several times their starting thickness to form a semi-closed cell seal. For applications which require a greater rate of expansion, kristoFOAM Industries Inc. can offer the KF-OC-WC-BAND as well.

Custom Foam : KF-OC-WC-BAND

KF-OC-WC-BAND is a type of expanded foam packaging made from pre-compressed polyurethane material with a heat activation temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. This material has a greater rate of expansion compared to OC-FORM 150 UL, as well as a lower activation temperature. It is available with or without laminated films and adhesives, and is ideal for sealing difficult complex environments as well as for specific industrial foam insulation applications.



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