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Like so many other companies around the world, kristoFOAM has been deeply affected by COVID-19. Fortunately, early on, we found ourselves in a position where we could be of help. At the outset of COVID-19, it became apparent quickly that masks and different face shields would be at the forefront of protecting ourselves against this airborne virus. kristoFOAM was proud that we were able to quickly shift production to assist companies producing Personal Protection Equipment for the hard-working people on the frontline of the pandemic: our nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers. It was truly inspiring to work with so many suppliers who shifted operations to respond to this global crisis.

While foam and related products might not spring to mind when you think of products used to fight COVID-19, many of the products kristoFOAM produces are used in the production of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). One of the most useful items in PPE are face shields. Face shields, made of clear plastic that usually starts at the upper forehead and then covers the face in its entirety usually ending an inch below the chin. In the healthcare sector, they are known as Infectious Disease Control shields. The advantage of Infectious Disease Control shields is that they allow the wearer to see everything while being protected from any airborne particles. The only point of contact is the forehead band that holds the shield in place – and that’s where kristoFOAM comes in.

kristoFOAM Industries Inc. is a full-service supplier of custom foam packaging products and material packaging products and packaging systems. At kristoFOAM we work with clients all over the world with a hands-on approach and we work closely with clients on product design, program launch and any ongoing support required. We are industry leaders in customer molded products and have worked with the health sector for many years. One of the most versatile products we produce is polyurethane foam.

Polyurethanes are in the class of compounds called reaction polymers. Polyurethane is created when polyol and isocyanate is reacted. Gas is then presented, either with blowing agents or when a reaction occurs between the isocyanate with water. Polyurethanes include epoxies, unsaturated polyesters and phenolics. kristoFOAM has extensive experience with polyurethane foam and we have completed numerous complex projects using different formations of this versatile foam. Polyurethane foam is created in large sheets and then can be custom cut to fit almost any project.

The Infection Disease Control shields, so valuable to frontline workers, has one main point of contact with the human face – the forehead. With masks or shields needing to be worn for often a long period of time they need to be designed and produced with the wearers comfort in mind. Many doctors and nurses working the frontlines shared their experience that certain masks, which they had to wear constantly without break, would often cause abrasions and cuts on their faces. kristoFOAM was proud to produce a polyurethane foam that could be fitted to the inside of the headband for the Infection Disease Control shields. This design element made the shields much more comfortable for the wearer. The foam pads we produced were often paired with a PSA peel and stick adhesive. This feature makes them very easy to assemble while being cost-effective.

kristoFOAM works with a broad range of companies that supply the healthcare industry; our ability to offer custom cut industrial foam solutions for Personal Protective Equipment makes us one of Canada’s most reliable suppliers. Due to our decades of experience, we can often work with clients who have tight timelines. We have been incredibly proud of our team in recent months as they responded to the challenges COVID-19 posed by turning around custom foam products to help companies produce much needed PPE for essential workers.

kristoFOAM has been in business for over 25 years. We are global leaders in the custom moulded foam packaging industry and are known for producing exceptional innovative products. At kristoFOAM customer service is paramount and we stay with our customers from project concept to program delivery. Designs can be created in CAD using both CATIA and UNIGRAPHICS. We create state of the art, affordable rapid prototyping which in turn facilitates effective product validation and testing.

If your company is producing Personal Protection Equipment in the fight against COVID-19 we recommend you give us a call or contact us by filling out the form on our contact page. kristoFOAM is an excellent choice for developing all of your custom foam requirements.

To all the frontline and essential workers – thank you from everyone at kristoFOAM.

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