The Essential Industrial Foam Insulation

Industrial Foam Insulation

Our engineering department will give you the best industrial foam insulation for all your needs. For all your industrial foam insulation solutions, you can choose from a long line of products that will fit your needs. These are anything from tool organizers and industrial foam padding. The most important thing is that these products are all engineered to perfection.

Foam insulation is more expensive compared to fiber insulation. In fact, an industrial foam insulation can be used in houses in countries with extremely low or high temperatures.

Foam insulation is very important in extreme temperatures because what is needed is something that can resist the flow of heat.

Why Use Industrial Foam Insulation?

Home insulation is crucial to reducing the flow of heat by resisting its movement. When it is cold and there is no insulation, hot air transfers to the colder areas of the house, thus it does not stay to warm the family. Thus, the heating system must compensate for the loss of heat. In the same way, during hot months, the job of the insulation is to stop the heat flow so that your system can make your home warm or cool as long as you tried.

The purpose of industrial foam insulation is to fill in the gaps in the building with insulation. In this way convection is prevented. Convection is one way of heat transfer. Meanwhile, here are some benefits brought about by industrial foam insulation.

  • Higher R-Value – Known as the indicator of performance, R-value refers to the ability of the insulation to resist heat flow. Thus, heat is then concentrated on the people inside the house. It is interesting to note that the industrial product that has one of the highest R-values among all types of insulation is closed cell spray form.
  • Daily Savings – Whether it is commercial foam insulation, industrial foam padding, custom case inserts or tool organizers that you are dealing with, the most important thing is that it can generate savings on utility bills of even up to 30% or more.
  • Prevention of Air, Moisture and Gas Infiltration – The fact is that 40% of the total energy that is lost from the home or from any closed structure like an office building or school is due to air infiltration. The cause of the escape is usually a lack of appropriate sealing of the fiberglass insulation. As a consequence, air, moisture and gas can seep through the corners.

Some Final Reminders

The other determining factor of the effectiveness of industrial foam insulation is its proper installation. Always ensure that the technician that will install your foam insulation is one that is trustworthy and knowledgeable as well as certified when it comes to this line of work. Make sure that he has considerable experience with air/vapor systems.

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