Electronic foam packaging

Electronic Foam Packaging

Whether packaging delicate electronics or their accessories, you need to have the best-in-class foam products to help with safe transportation and shipment.

With numerous types of foam packaging materials in the local and international market, it is critical that you select and use only the recommended electronic foam packaging products.

This saves you money by protecting your package from breakage, damage or even statics while in transit. However, you might need to get the best in class, you need to know what constitutes the best value for you. The guide below describes the criteria for selecting the most suitable foam products for packaging electronics or their accessories.

A guide for buying foam products for packaging electronics

Static discharge ability: Electronic devices, their parts and accessories need to be kept away from charged bodies. On the other hand, moving components with metallic parts attracts static charges due to friction with both surface and non-surface bodies. To ensure neutrality of any charges gained during transportation, graphite based foam packaging materials are preferred. It is, therefore, important that your electronic foam packaging materials you choose take this into account.

Stability and ability to handle excessive pressure: Polymers are designed with differing levels of density and ability to handle pressure.  At the same time, specific electronics require non-compressible support while under storage or transportation. This means selecting incompressible and highly stable foam products to support your electronics while in transit, otherwise, you risk damaging them.

Ease of shaping: Every electronic device or component has a specific shape, size and weight. The packaging materials selected to support the electronics while in transit should, thus, be shaped to the exact fit of the component, or device being transported. To the contrary, any deviation from the provided marginal allowance between the electronic and the supporting material increases the risk of damaging it considerably. For the best fitting components, you should consider having the electronic foam packaging materials die cut into shape during manufacturing or shaped thereof for the best results. The only way to achieve the latter is by working with a credible foam manufacturer such as kristoFOAM Industries among others.

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