The Key Material in Making Expanded Foam Packaging

Expanded Foam Packaging

Versatile plastic materials like polyethylene are commonly used to create a broad range of consumer products. Being a hard, solid plastic, it is an ideal material for food packaging, laboratory equipment and tools, and other products that require specific qualities like transparency. With different additives and pigments, it can also be used in producing electronics, home appliances, vehicle parts, and much more. One of the best examples of the versatility of polyethylene foam is expanded foam packaging, usually made with EPS (expanded polyethylene) or XPS (extruded polyethylene).

Expanded foam packaging offers excellent cushioning and insulating properties useful in countless industries and businesses.

EPS can be made with 95% air, making it great for insulating homes and appliances. It is often used as a roadway stabilization system, in the food industry packaging and as a lightweight protective packaging. Polyethylene is created by polymerizing ethylene, a chemical that is also commonly used in manufacturing various other products.

EPS is the most popular material used in expanded foam packaging in order to safely store and protect different products, especially those which are fragile or require extra care like glass or electronics. It’s very flexible and can be custom-made in various shapes and sizes, adapting to your specific application. Expanded foam packaging is also easy to use and long lasting.

In addition to cushioning products and delicate equipment during transportation, it can provide a perfect amount of insulation from heat, elements or corrosion. It protects against knocks, shakes, and bumps while your products are in transit to the retail space. At KristoFOAM, we offer custom expanded foam packaging solutions that can provides optimum protection and cushioning, preventing damage and losses.

Want to learn more about expanded foam packaging, how it’s made or how it can help your enterprise? Contact KristoFoam today to speak with an expert or to request a consultation!

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